Yours Truly


It's me. Your favorite pet portraiture, equestrian, special events photographer. I've always preached that it's important to hire a photographer that you can connect with; one that shares your vision. Thus it only seems fair I tell you a little about my life behind the lens.​

Born & raised in California, I still consider myself a Californian despite my non-resident status of more than a decade. Here, locals are called Connecticuters or Nutmeggers and I just can't seem to get on board with that. So here I am, a Californian living in Connecticut.

I fell in love with Thoroughbred racing at age twelve after reading William Nack's Secretariat: The Making of a Champion: a 300+ page book that I imagine most pre-teens would never pick up. Within days, I read it cover to cover. Twice. This is when my love affair with the racetrack began. And to capture that love; I picked up a camera.

With my father in tow, we'd make the annual pilgrimage to Bay Meadows Racetrack each Father's Day where I enthusiastically snapped away along the rail. The thrill of (trying) to get THE SHOT was such a high; that fleeting second that once lost, is lost forever. Unless you hire a good photographer, of course! 

Away from M&M you can find me at my other dream job (yes, they DO exist) working as the Content Manager for EQUITANA USA; the world's largest equestrian trade fair and exhibition.

And when I'm not working here or can find me at a dog show, with my two Dalmatians: Reagan and Kodak. Or chasing my 3yr old daughter around the house. It's really a toss up. 

I love to travel; anywhere and everywhere. I enjoy writing/rambling. I consider Barnes & Noble my second home (although Home Goods is making a competitive bid.) I'm all too familiar with endometriosis #endowarrior and love a good inspirational quote. Oh, and wine. 

Anything else? Just ask.


PS: Intrigued by my spotted pals? You can learn more about Prestige Dalmatians here.